Exchimious has taken giant steps in SAP and information technology worldwide

Exchimious has taken giant steps in SAP and information technology worldwide. As we continue with our journey, we would like to showcase our growth and current domestic and global presence.

As a regional ERP Consultancy firm &  SAP being the leaders amongst Tier 1  ERPs, Exchimious has identified SAP implementation and Support Services as one of its key services under  its – Global Solution, localized support  offerings.

Exchimious positions itself as a Bridge solution provider – between initial Large SAP  Implementers, who does initial  implementation and exit. Exchimious with its experienced consultants can handhold, manage, implement and bring these projects to its logical conclusion.

EXCHIMIOUS’s unique value proposition: With its  strong and reliable partnerships, flexible  working models and unique onsite – near  shore – remote delivery model, Exchimious is  able to offer highly optimized solutions at  competitive price.


User's Support

Exchimious Technologies has efficiently provided support services to over 1000 users, ensuring seamless operation and troubleshooting for a diverse range of technological needs.



With a portfolio encompassing more than 50 clients, Exchimious Technologies has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and innovative IT solutions tailored to their specific requirements.



Our company boasts a dedicated team of over 55 experienced professionals, comprising technical experts, consultants, and support staff committed to delivering exceptional services and solutions to our clients.



Operating across 8 countries, Exchimious Technologies offers localized expertise and support to clients worldwide, ensuring accessibility and tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of different markets and regions.



With 8 years of industry experience, Exchimious Technologies has honed its expertise and refined its approach to providing cutting-edge IT solutions, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Professional Business & SAP Consultancy Firm based in Delhi and Dubai since offering world class solutions with local support

A well-established consultancy firm headquartered in Dubai, our expertise encompasses both general business consulting and specialized SAP solutions. With a track record since 2017, we have built a reputation for providing world-class services. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering not only international excellence but also localized support, ensuring that our clients receive tailored assistance within the dynamic business landscape of Delhi and Dubai.

Exchimious brings in the strength of ESS’s 55+ staff from various nationalities, Exchimious has Local support in Delhi, India and Dubai, UAE and has its regional base here.

Exchimious leverages the collective strength of ESS’s diverse team of over 55 professionals hailing from various nationalities. Based in Delhi, India and Dubai, UAE, Exchimious not only offers localized support but also maintains its regional hub in this strategic location. This enables us to draw upon a rich pool of talent and resources, ensuring that our clients benefit from both our global perspective and our strong local presence.

Exchimious Interacts with and provide support to more than 1000+ users worldwide

Exchimious engages with an extensive network of over 1000 users spanning the globe. Our interactions go beyond borders, offering comprehensive support to a diverse and extensive clientele. This worldwide reach showcases our commitment to addressing the needs of a broad and varied customer base, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of each user, regardless of their location or industry.

Exchimious SAP Application Management Services with L1 support by Exchimious onsite / near shore team and L2 & L3 from our India/Dubai Dev. Center

We excels in providing SAP Application Management Services that include L1 support delivered by our onsite and near-shore teams. Meanwhile, our India/Dubai Development Center houses our proficient L2 and L3 support teams. This approach ensures that clients receive a comprehensive and effective support system. Our localized and global resources collaborate seamlessly to deliver timely and high-quality solutions for SAP-related needs.

We best serve as Bridge between Go- lives led by Large implementers & Long term outsourced / Self Support

Our forte lies in serving as the critical link between large-scale implementations orchestrated by major players and the subsequent transition to long-term outsourced support or self-sustained operations. We specialize in ensuring a seamless handover from implementation to post-implementation support, guaranteeing the continuity and effective management of knowledge and systems. This essential bridge role empowers our clients to optimize their project outcomes and maintain long-term operational independence.

Exchimious brings in the strength of onsite domain experts and on shore L1 Support, complement by our India, UAE and Saudi Partners 1000+ strong Technial Team

Exchimious harnesses the expertise of onsite domain specialists and onshore L1 support to offer a robust support system. This is further bolstered by our partnerships with technical teams of over 1000 professionals in India, UAE and Saudi Arabia. This extensive network ensures that clients benefit from both localized support and access to a broad pool of technical knowledge, enhancing the effectiveness of our services.