• 1 We analyze and design optimized roadmaps for:
    • Green field implementation:
      • Exchimious takes the entire ownership for :
        • Calculating the exact hardware required along with SAPS for any S4 Hana greenfield implementation.
        • Optimized modules required for seamless daily operations.
        • Validation strategy for finance module ensuring all the relevant charts, balance sheets are having correct figures.
        • Analytical tools required which act as accelerators in overall daily operations.
  • 2 Brown field implementation:
    • Exchimious takes the entire ownership for:
      • Calculating any additional hardware required along with SAPS for brownfield implementation/roll-out.
      • Exact modules required for configuration for new roll outs as part of brownfield implementation.
  • 3 Roadmaps for implementing niche skills and third-party solutions.
  • 4 Roadmaps for having S4 Hana upgrade from database and hardware perspective.


  • Exchimious consultants pride themselves in checking /validating system readiness for:
    • S/4 Hana greenfield implementations.
    • S/4 Brownfield implementations.
    • Third-party integrations.
    • System Readiness after go-live:
      • We validate that Go-live has been in tune with company’s core operations and addressing it’s major KPI’s.


  • Exchimious work towards showing you the full scope of the impact S/4HANA has on your system and existing business processes, with a tailored pre-migration assessment package in under 48 hours, covering standard and custom code, so you could save time on your migration while minimizing your risk.
  • It helps you in to:
    • Build Your Business Case Basedon Real Data, Not Guesswork.
    • Know the Exact ProjectLabor and Cost.
    • Know What Expertise
    • Will You Need