Sap Retail

Exchimious with its high pedigree in SAP Retail have realized that the requirements that retail companies place on software solutions are different to those of industrial companies. In planning and distribution, in particular, these  requirements differ strongly from industrial companies, with their production-oriented objectives.

Premium Clients

  • 1Exchimious with it’s enormous retail prowess specializes in POS integrations:
    • In most cases , Retail client are not using non-SAP third party integrations. We at exchimious are professionally attuned to provide the correct mapping, generating correct T-logs and providing the required digital interface.
  • 2We are pride ourselves in utilizing SAP Retail’s specific components like:
    • Promotions
    • Bonusbuy’s
    • Systematic Replenishment
    • Goods receipt and Goods invoice automation in tune with retail’s article concept.
  • 3We focus on providing as much digital integrations as possible:
    • Unlike other industries Retail is a real time industry where real time updates are paramount.
    • We focus on real time digital integrations to:
      • Have a regular vigil on daily transactions.
Have a systematic dataset to analyze for future transactions