We have made several innovations in automating Automobile industry. As part of our innovations:

Barcode Tracking

Print barcode Stciker

Barcode Generation For Assets Already In The System:

  • Generate Barcode Stickers For Assets
    Already Configured In The System Through Standard Sap Process.

Barcode Generation For New Assets:

  • Generate Barcode Stickers For New Assets At The Time Of Goods

Barcode Stciker Details

These Barcode stickers will constitute of:
  • Barcode which will be a combination of Asset number and Sub number.
  • Asset description.
  • Analyse and configure if any other fields to be required in barcode.

Scan Sticker

The Custom Program Will:
  • Encode The Barcode String And Logically Bifurcate It Into Asset # And Sub Asset #.
  • Based On Asset # And Sub Asset #, The Custom Program Will Validate From The Physical Inventory If The Asset Is Present Or Not.
  • If The Asset Is Not Present These Assets Shall Be Documented Separately.

Missing Assets

Defecit Report And Data For Assets Missing In Physical Inventory

Report / Validation Process

Real Time Scanning And Asset Validation

Custom Report For All The Assets Present In Plant Location

Defecit Report And Data For Assets Missing In Physical Inventory

Further Display Of Data Based On Other Requisite Parameters Provided By The User