We have often found customers confused about the term ERP

Let us understand “What is ERP”?

Exchimious uses the latest modern ERP in the form of

SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing).​

Why SAP as an ERP?

  • Career requirement in SAP have changed because of the ACCELERATED DIGITAL ALIGNMENT caused by the COVID 19 disruption. More and more organizations now require ERP to power their business from any location. SAP has provided accelerated digitalizing tools like Fiori, SAP Portal applications, Hybris , SAP BI to suffice these requirement.
  • Interestingly but not surprisingly, businesses are re-evaluating their work processes considering the crisis. SAP suffices the urgent need to work digitally with huge amounts of data and provide analytical information.
  • This implies that if you have not aligned your organization with intelligent and it’s digital functionalities you shall be left behind in the marketplace and real time analytical information of your organization.
  • Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud computing and Robotic process Automation are technologies that can help organizations achieve not just enhanced productivity but also transparency, agility, automation, and better decision making. RISE with SAP is a bundle of products, tools and services covering various components of digital transformation and hence offered as ‘business transformation as a service’.
Digital and Scientific Approach to your business solution