We utilize and leverage SAP tools to provide Digital acumen and automation in their daily operations

Structured workflow process for our client Volvo and Renew Power​

In combination with SAP workflow and Ariba we had designed a structured attendance workflow:

  • The attendance of each employee was recorded based on fingerprinting biometric and was going for approval to their respective leads.
  • Any application leave was systematically being routed to their respective leads. The Leads were approving it with their respective comments.
  • In letter of credit a structured workflow was developed having:
    • Multiple level approval
    • At each level a provision was made for FOUR horizontal level approvals.
    • If the initial approver was not available, the request would go to the next approver at same level.
Automatic PR Rejection Process:

We had automated the whole PR Rejection. In this case

  • The management was offered a parameter screen where they could set all the threshold values and desired parameters.
  • As and when the a Purchase requisition was created it would automatically be rejected if any of the criteria’s was not matching.
  • An informative email would be directed to the end user if a PR was rejected. The mail content would have the rejection criteria enclosed in it.
  • The entire development was done to automate and increase PR process efficiency by 25%.

Datev(German Accounting Tool) replication in SAP

As part of DATEV Replication:

  • DATEV is a German accounting software with most of the process localized for German companies only.
  • With the help of our professional consultants, we reviewed all the processes DATEV was executing from a finance and accounts perspective.
  • We systematically started replicating the entire process with accordance with GERMAN TAX LAWS and TAX CODES into SAP Server.
  • We were able to replicate all the DATEV accounting process and operations into SAP with much customizations.
  • SOLIVER the German organization was able to increase the overall efficiency of it’s accounting process by 35%.

RF tagging inventory management development.

  • We have developed RF tagging for several of our clients as part of 
    • Inventory management
    • Asset management
    • Asset consolidation
    • Inventory stock calculation
    • Inventory Asset Reporting
  • An add on to this is Report Validation Process :
  • Sample Report:

E invoing, E-WAY Bill, TCS and GST:

  • Apart from this we have automated and provided customized user friendly solutions for:
    • E-invoicing
    • E-Way Bill
    • TCS
    • GST
  • Clients for which these solutions have been provided:
    • Premium Transmission Pvt. Ltd.
    • ESL Mining
    • RITES
    • AL-Mishari hospital Saudi
    • IZJEC
    • We are E-invoicing SAP integrations partner’s for:
      • Masters India
      • ClearTax
      • Ernst & Young